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Las Vegas, NV | February 26-27 Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

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300 winners will be announced on January 15th by email. Be sure to add creativesquad@n-vu.com to your safe list for updates.

Image Copyright Salvatore Cincotta Photography

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Get your learn on.

Once again, H&H Color Lab and N-Vu are bringing together some of the leading creatives and business minds in our industry for an incredible, limited, and FREE* 2-day event.

* Travel expenses must be covered by you. We can't do it all ;)

See what last year's attendees had to say:

Day 1:

On Day 1 it's all about shooting at the El Dorado Dry Lake Bed.

  • We got models. 
  • We got wardrobe. 
  • We got instructors. 
  • We got lunch. 

So bring your gear and get ready to make some magic together!

Each instructor will be providing their own concept for you to photograph. You will have a chance to work with and learn from each instructor throughout the day and best of all, you will get to create some epic images.  

YOU WILL BE SHOOTING, so bring whatever gear you'll need to create images. You'll also be walking around on rocky terrain, so dress appropriately!

Day 2:

On Day 2 we'll hit the books. 

You can be the best photographer in the world, but if you don't learn how to run your business, you will be broke. How are you going to pay for all that fancy gear of yours? 

It's all about listening and absorbing knowledge from our insanely talented speakers. They'll show you how to take all those gorgeous images and turn them in to cold, hard cash.

Images copyright Salvatore Cincotta Photography, A Strong Photo, Marco Castro Photography, and Gilda Bernardes

How to enter:

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We'll notify 300 winners by email on January 15th. Be sure to add creativesquad@n-vu.com to your safe list for updates. This event is free, but you will need to cover your own travel expenses. We can't do it all ;)

Want to model or know someone who does? Apply here.


Day 1: Hands-on shooting at the El Dorado Dry Lake Bed

8:00am Check-in at Paris Las Vegas

10:30am Buses depart Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

11:15am - 11:45am Welcome & break into groups 

11:45am - 12:30pm Lunch 

12:30pm - 5:30pm SHOOTING TIME 

5:45pm Buses depart

6:30pm Arrive back at Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino 

*Times subject to change

Day 2: Hit the books at Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino 

8:30am - 9:00am Welcome/Opening with H&H and N-Vu 

12:00pm - 1:30pm Lunch

Speakers + Topics 

Maximizing Your Sales, Both In-Person and Online with Sal Cincotta

Are you making the most money possible from every photoshoot? Well, you are not alone in this question. Artists struggle daily with positioning and selling their work. In this power session, Sal Cincotta, owner of Salvatore Cincotta Photography, will not only show you how to increase your sales averages, but how to do it with and without a studio.

Dominating Your Local Market: Your Path to a 6-Figure Photography Business with Michael Anthony

In 2013 Michael Anthony Photography came into the wedding photography market completely unknown, and in 2019 they have built one of the largest wedding photography studios in California while maintaining a small team and luxury brand. Setting yourself up for success doesn't have to be difficult and in this class Michael is going going to show you how to overcome your fear of failure and other obstacles that are getting in the way of your success. We are going to talk about marketing to the correct client, and we are going to break down the numbers to show you exactly why 80% of photography businesses fail in the first five years, and show you the formula to become one of the top performing studios in your area.

Overcoming Your Fear of IPS with Casey Dittmer

It's daunting, scary and makes you question your commitment to the business... but it shouldn't! Casey will provide you with simple steps to not just overcome your fear of in-person sales, but master it. Knowing the "why" behind certain tactics and structure will help give you confidence to build a successful and profitable portrait business. 

The Complete In-Person Experience of IPS with Meredith Ryncarz

In-person sales start before you book . . . are you ready? Learn the techniques to selling before you book and during the shoot that will allow the IPS session to go that much easier:

  • How to leverage social media to your advantage
  • Show what you want to sell using storytelling methods
  • What to do after they booked
  • What to say during the session
  • 3 key things to remember before you meet for their IPS 

Retouching for Artistic Portraits with Scott Detweiler

We will take the imagery we shot on Day One and work to finish our wondrous works into finished pieces of art. From some of the basics to more creative methods of treatment, this will help you pull away from everyone else in your market. The goal is to create artwork that is begging to be printed as large as possible and then maybe mess with it past the point of printing! 

About H&H Color Lab & N-Vu 

From its modest beginning, H&H has grown into one of the industry's largest single facility pro photo labs. It has grown and prospered using a combination of close customer relationships, the highest possible product quality, and an aggressive pricing strategy. Servicing nearly every photo processing need for studios ranging from startup mom and pop operations to some of the largest independent school and specialty studios, our professional lab does business across the country, servicing customers in every state of the union!  

N-Vu is an all-in-one software solution for today's photographer. Create beautiful client galleries, sell more with revolutionary in-person sales tools like Room-Vu, marketing & online sales tools like Re-Vu, and upsell or deliver digital files with mobile apps. 

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Winners will be announced on January 15th by email. Be sure to add creativesquad@n-vu.com to your safe list for updates.